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Zovan-COMPUSOFT are an IT company, serving the needs of IT and the Internet in general. providing services to a conventional company, who want to be online. create a variety of software applications, making a wide range of websites, and provide all kinds of services online with online server basis.

  • Business Analystic

    Provide assessment, information and solutions

    we provide a free consultation, regarding your company on the Internet, provide assessment, information, tips / tricks, and help provide solutions, including a variety of applications to improve business on the internet. Including SEO and serach engine service

  • Document Storage

    We have server and online media storage

    as online IT companies. we provide any online business media, which help you aand makes it easy for you, and how to make you run your company in easy steps,our services is including online storage data services, with competitive price

  • WebHosting & Server

    Best server from best datacenter

    We provide best web hosting, server packages, such as: dedicated servers, cloud servers, VPS servers and cpanel shared hosting package, all hosting including 99.999% uptime guarantee.

  • Time and cost Management

    With online media we help increase profit

    With online media, you can manage your business effectively.save your own times. you run your business and reach your profit with 24x7 online without stop. create any good potential for your business

  • Support Program

    Quality support 24 x 7

    We are zovan-compusoft offer team support that can help you anytime, our support is including via sms, Chat, and also support ticket, all support avaialbe for 24x7 anytime you need to call

  • Design & Branding

    Create design and your company brand online

    since business online an improve the conventional bsuiness, any company is now need to expand their business, and we help you to create professional design and brand for your online business

  • See Plans & Pricing
  • Starting $75 / design
  • Websites that include quality servers and large server space, in our company, is not expensive!
Site Optimization / SEO Service

Because the search engine is a determinant of the success on online business, then we are to assist you in providing SEO services (the services to help your website have a strong position in search engines). when people search to your product then they will easily find your website on the internet, because search engines give way to your products.

  • Make your website have good position in search engine
  • Make your website have strong position in search engine
  • Submit promotion banner to famous forum or advertising media
  • Increase your visitor to your website and increase profit

We provide all this best service in very competitive price, our priceis always cheap then other, you can re check before use our service.

About zc design

We are a specialist website creation with php code. We can do various kinds of websites, such as online shops, web company, website forums, social networking websites, dating websites, website advertising types, web blogs, or various other types of custom websites. price? make sure we are the cheapest. see our package.

zovan Compusoft work with team, we can do a website with a relative fast. for some website, you can order now , and wait after 5 hours website will be ready

Order Term

For some website type,you can pay later, when job is done, but for another type, you must pay it first.

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